Gurbachev final Head of Soviet Union had undertaken certain changes and reforms in the world's communist pole. At the time political analysts and leaders of the Western world were doubtful and pessimistic about the reforms. None could believe that the changes would uproot the 70-year old order of atheistic-communism in the Soviet Union. The most that could be supposed to occur in those conditions, was that Kremlin leaders might ignore some of direct links between the Eastern Block countries and the Soviet Union in order to reduce the internal economic difficulties and develop a new order from the communist camp with limited Soviet leadership and more undertakings by the Soviet Union's satellites themselves. But, Imam Khomeini, with an insight incomprehensible to the materialist reckoners, as early as 11/10/1367 (Jan 4, 1988), in a letter addressed to Gurbachev, presaged as follows: "From now on, communism may be looked up in the museums of political histoty of the world!" In this letter Imam Khomeini also presented the deepest analysis of the current Soviet changes and interpreted it, as "the sounds of communism 's bones breaking up!" It is a wonder that, in this letter, another forecast is documented with valid warnings that reveals Imam Khomeini's keen acumen for evaluation of the political conditions of that day. Hazrat Imam Has been explicit in warning that the Russians were rolling over to the pseudo-green garden of Western Capitalism, and being deceived by America. By referring to the failure of the communists in their anti-religion policy and by posing deep philosophic and mystic issues, Imam Khomeini wanted Gurbachev to approach God and religion, rather than placing hope in the materialism of the West. The Imam had specified: "The basic problems of your country is not the problem of ownership, economics or liberty. Your problem is lack of real faith in God, the same problem that has driven or shall drive the West to commonplaceness and dead end!"
Unfortunately Russian leaders did not take these warnings and counsels of the Imam seriously, and American and European corporations or companies turned the modern Russia into an economic play thing and a new type of exploitation is forming up the future prospects of which, is nothing but darkness and blind alleys, unless the people of this country wake up!
It is interesting to note that when Schwarnaze, Soviet Foreign Minister, came to deliver Gurbachev's answer to Imam Khomeini, He was surprized to see that the man who had warned and sent message to world's number 2 economic power, was sitting in a 3x4 meter room of a small mud house in Jamaran, with utmost simplicity, and without the least vestige of ordinary ceremonies, and quite calm, and, as solid as, a mountain with a Quran, a prayer rug and beads by his side, plus, some newspapers and an ordinary radio. Schwarnaze's astonishment increased when he noticed that, a second wooden chair was not available for the high ranking Russian who accompanied him, and perforce he had to experience sitting on the floor, if it were only for one time!Perhaps, when he saw the old pious man who served, with a cup of tea and two lumps of sugar to Schwardnaze, Foreign Minister of the World's Eastern Pole, as the only catering to the guesets, the Minister may have thought that all this, was exceptional, and intentional; but that was not true. During his entire life, whether alone, and in estrangement or in exile, or, during his religious or political leadership, until the moment of his ascension, the Imam, did not abandon his simple and pure living, and never thought of changing his way of life in respect of this world's high positions, no matter how great they might have been.